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The Muse & The Messenger is a boutique writing, editing, and consulting firm. We specialize in providing exclusive services to authors, professionals, speakers, public figures, business owners, and the average man or woman who has something to say and not sure how. Tell us your vision and thoughts, and we will put them in words that anyone can feel and understand.

So, nix your typical writing, editing, and coaching experience. Get rid of your idea of the cookie cutter, one size fits all consultant. We customize our services with the individual client in mind. Each collaboration is birthed out of your specific needs and creative desires. Whether we are the Muse, the Messenger, or both, our services are always tailor-made.

The Muse (myooz) n.
A source of inspiration.

Our clients are our muse. We establish a partnership that allows us to take your vision and voice to develop your message in your words. We will assist you with crafting meaningful, targeted messages by offering creative strategies, dynamic coaching, and storytelling methods.

The Messenger (me-sen-jer) n.
Someone who delivers a message.

We are your messengers. We specialize in ghostwriting books and speeches, editing, copywriting, book consulting, and speech coaching.


Tell us your thoughts, and we'll put them in words that anyone can feel and understand.



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Basic Proofreading
Advanced Content Editing


Author Creative Strategy Session
Public Speaking Coaching


Business Branding
Product Descriptions
Promotional Materials
Website Content


Our clients are our muse.