Author Creative Strategy Session

Do you have mounds of journal entries, voice recordings, research, or notes that you want to use to write your best-selling book? Then, you are ready to Meet the Messenger for an author creative strategy session. Our professional writers will assist you with developing a storytelling strategy and layout for writing your book. This 90-minute interactive session will help make sense of all your ideas in ways that leave you ready to work on your book idea or hire us to ghostwrite your book. Whether you need help homing in on your storyline or need a ghostwriter, we use your vision and voice to help you develop a ready for publication manuscript.

Public Speaking Coaching

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety or have a fear of public speaking. Let us help you overcome this common fear in ways that will expand your audience and extend your influence. During our interactive sessions, you will learn to communicate with charisma and confidence. We will help you acquire basic public speaking skills, tools, tips and tricks that will change your once phobia into power and persuasion wrapped in a well-delivered message.