Nowhere Near Writer's Block

I live nowhere near writer’s block.  I know it's pretty common for professional and aspiring writers, alike, to proclaim that they have writer’s block. But, that’s not a limitation I’m willing to claim as my own.

There are enough writing stimuli in the media, politics, and world at large to have something to write about these days. And, if all else fails, everyday I can scroll through my social media feed to get the tea on the latest hot topics with the potential to fuel the ink in my pen. How can I suffer from writer’s block when my environment has so much material to offer me?

So, I don't even park on writer’s block. I open my eyes to what the big, bold, bright world has to say to me everyday, and just write until it makes sense to turn the corner or the page, whichever comes first. #JustSayNoToWritersBlock #WakeUpAndWrite


I am a writer. Anything you do or say may be used in a story.
— Unknown Author