Creative Cyphers

Albert Einstein hit the nail on the head when he said, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” And, I must concur there is something exhilarating and dangerous when intelligence plays together. One of my favorite parts about owning a freelance writing, editing and consulting firm is hands down the Author Creative Strategy Sessions. I mean I just live for creative strategy sessions in general. Although the title is self-explanatory, here’s an operational definition for those who need it.  A creative strategy session is when two or more people come together to bring their ideas and thoughts about a topic to the table and flush them out. It’s like a left brain thinking cypher. We all know two creative minds are better than one.

During the session, all participants are called to act as both muse and messenger. Because the creative atmosphere is always so unpredictable, there is no telling what will be birthed. Even the most independent creatives can benefit from having a partner in crime who can assist them with developing a storytelling strategy, laying out a book idea, cultivating a captivating speech, or polishing the brand profile pages on their website.  Creative strategy sessions help make sense of creative concepts in ways that leave you ready to work on your next great idea. So, do you have mounds of journal entries, voice recordings, research, or notes that you have just been collecting wondering what to do next? Then, you are ready to engage in a creative cypher, a strategy session.  So, gather your notes and join The Muse and The Messenger for a creative collaboration.